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Fairy Tale Ep. III

15. dubna 2006 v 17:30 | Silvinka |  Storyteller
Daniel appeared in a large room. It had a high ceiling with candlesticks which were lighting up whole space. Suddenly the room started changing, it became black, wind was blowing around him, the ceiling was coming up and down. It was madness and this was the first time that Daniel was sorry that he has ever dreamt about that girl. A fear rushed trough him, he was paralysed and couldn´t move. Same quickly as the whole thing started it has stopped. He opened his eyes and the room has been the same as while ago. He caught a glimpse of a movement in the corner, he turned around and decided to go that way. He opened the door and there was another large room infront of him, it was alike the one he was standing in. He went in and the door shut behind him. He opened them and found out that he wasn´t looking into the same room that he has left a moment ago. Daniel realized that he was captured in some kind of a maze and it won´t be easy to find a way out. Then he heard a soft whisper telling him which way to go and he followed.
Daniel entered another room and then he saw. She was standing there, looking more real than ever and more beautiful. He stood there unable to move, they both were just standing and looking at each other. It was like they were transfering their feelings and thoughts with their eyes. It was the perfect connection and a second lasted for eternity. Daniel came closer to her, he still couldn´t believe it that she´s real, that he wasn´t just dreaming, that he has really found her. He lie his hand on her face and softly touched her. " did you find me? Where are we? I don´t understand..." "Daniel...You found me, I knew You are the only one who can save me." "How do you know my name? Save you from what?" "I simply do, it´s a long story, by the way I´m Mia. We have to find a way out, this is the only place we´re same. I learned to control some of his powers, but he will find us eventually." "But who?" "The wizard. He is so evil, he even killed my father in order to get me here and he´s holding me here ever since." "How long are you here Mia? I´ve seen a statue of a girl in the village and people told me it´s more than a hundert years old." "A hundert´s such a long time. Years here pass like days..." Mia broke into crying. Daniel huged her and they looked into their eyes. He didn´t have to say anything and she knew that everything is going to be alright and will be as it should be.They didn´t know each other and this was the first time they´ve seen each other but they knew they were meant to be together and that it was the destiny which led them together. Mia and Daniel didn´t have to spend years together to feel huge and never-dying love for one another. It was bigger than them and they couldn´t control it. Daniel wiped off tears on her face and she trembled under his touch. And then they kissed. It was the gentliest and most caring kiss, the whole world stopped.
Daniel took her hand, they were about to find a way out when something unexpected happened. "Oh no, he found us" Mia screamed and nestled against Daniel. "What did You think my dear? That I will close my eyes and let you leave with your friend here? No, that is not going to happen. You are mine." And the wizard raised his hand and the strong flash of light blinded and seperated them both. Daniel tried to stand but he was too weak, he saw Mia laying in the other corner of the room, she seemed unconcious. His face was hurting and he felt a bit dizzy. He heard the wizard talking something towards Mia. He had to stop him,he was looking at him with so much anger, couldn´t let him hurt her. He forced himself to stand up and headed towards the wizard. The wizard noticed his attention and turned to him. He started crazy smiling: "What are you trying to do? I don´t think that jumping on my back would be enough. Just sit down and I will be with You in a moment, you are second on the list. The wizard stopped paying to Daniel any attention and Daniel used it. He jumped on him trying to hit him but wizard was too fast. He used his magic on him and Daniel felt such a strong pain going trough his body.He stood up again but he was still hitting him with flashes of lights and the pain was getting stronger and stronger that he couldn´t make a move without experiencing horrible pain. "Isn´t this funny? Oh, don´t worry boy I´m getting tired of this I will quickly end your agony and your life." Wizard was prepairing for a last lethal strike and then he hit.
But what he hit wasn´t Daniel, it was Mia. She took her remnants of her strenght and jumped into the flash, she loved Daniel too much to let him die. But the flash reflected back to the wizard, it was too quick and he couldn´t do anything. He poped his eyes and a moment later the room felt very bright light and then the wizard was forever gone. The castle started collapsing the walls were crushing in and a while later castel was also gone. Daniel and Mia appeared on the ground, the forest were black and dark no more, they were laying on a green plain and above them was a blue sky. Daniel was deeply breathing he still felt a bit of a pain, he turned to Mia to see that she is alright. But she wasn´t, the magic was too powerful and it leaked inside her. She wa dying. He took her hand and didn´t know what to do, he was desperate. After all that they´ve came through she can´t die. "It is alright Daniel, our love is bigger than magic, it is even bigger than life. You don´t have to be sad, everything is exactly as it was meant to be." She softly smiled at him put her hand on his face. He had tears in his eyes, he knew she is right and said: "I love You Mia, I love you here and I will love you everywhere we will go,no matter if it will be in this life or another. I love you." " I love You Daniel." Daniel layed down next her and he was holding her tight. And then they kissed for the last time in their lifes. Their love was bigger than a life and it was bigger than death.

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