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Fairy Tale Ep. II

2. dubna 2006 v 19:04 | Silvinka |  Storyteller
His name was Daniel. Daniel was a really handsome young man who looked a bitarrogant and cocky but it was only a color. He left his family and traveled the world. He thought of his life as boring and wanted to experience some great adventure. He had no idea what is really waiting for him. Daniel was tired after his long journey. He didn´t know neither where he is going nor how long is it gonna take. As he was entering the village his eye has caught a statue of a young girl. He wondered why was it placed here. He came into a pub and asked locals about the statue. Noone wanted to speak much about it, it seemed like they were affraid. But one old man told him that the statue is older than a hundert years and that only a few remember why is it standing there. Most of them are affraid to speak of it, because of the prophecy, they´re still worried what might happen. Daniel didn´t believe in any kind of prophecy and after a while stopped bothering with it again and went straight to bed. He had a dream that night. He has never felt that way before, it was so weird but it felt so real in the same time. He dreamed about a young girl, she was so beautiful and he couldn´t get rid of a feeling that he has seen her before...somewhere. She was in a forest, running, she looked terrified and then she stopped and looked straight at Daniel. Her big eyes were absorbing his, it felt like whole world has stopped, like this moment was meant to last forever. And then the world shook and she disappeared. Daniel suddenly turned up in a place that looked like some kind of castle. It was so large, it seemed like the walls have no end. Windows were huge but he couldn´t see through, it was like some magic. The hall was really amazing, it was beautiful, colorful, exotic and breathtaking. He turned around and there she was again. She stood there in a mighty dress and she looked as if she wasn´t real. She gave him a long look and then said :"Help me..." Then he woke up. He was thinking about her whole day and couldn´t get her image off his mind.
He thought it´s time to move on and left the village. Daniel was on the road through the forest when he heard something. He turned around but there was nothing so he wanted to go on and when he turned again there was a figure. It was her. The girl from his dream, she was standing infront of him, for a while he thought he was dreaming again but this felt real. He wanted to ask her something but she said:"No, we don´t have time. Please you have to help, noone else will help me. Oh no, he´s coming..." She looked terrified and then she disappeared. And Daniel woke up. He was deeply breathing and had a sweat all over his body. He was confused and didn´t know what to think. Was he only dreaming? Was it a hallucination or has he got mad? He decided not to think about it anymore and continued his journey. He had a strange feeling, like if somebody was watching him. He heared a weak whisper like if somebody was pushing him and telling him which way to go. He couldn´t resist it, he even couldn´t stop going and the unknown grab was getting stronger and suddenly it stopped. Daniel had no idea where he was, he was lost in the forest. He made a step forward and infront of him there was a siluet. It was getting larger as he was coming closer. There was a fog everywhere and he could barely see and then he finally got a full view on it.
It was a castle, it was huge and floating in the air. The castle was dark and depressing, it was that kind that gives a man creeps. There was no entrance and no visible way to get in. He was looking around and trying to find a way, he knew this could be dangerous but he was too curious to go back and he lusted for an adventure too much. He discovered a small rock and he climed up on it. He tried to reach the castle but it was still too high. Daniel almost fell down when he heared that voice. It was a mumble, Daniel tried to locate the source but he couldn´t see anyone. Then he noticed a rock , he came closer and tried to listen. He took a closer look and then it hit him. The rock had a figure of a human , he even had eyes. The human rock seemed as if he was trying to tell him something but he didn´t understand a word. Daniel asked him if he knows a way up to the castle. He would swear the man´s eyes were filled with fear. He heavily raised his arms and pulled. The castle started going down and big black door appeared infront of Daniel. Daniel with bit of hesitation entered.
To be continued...

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