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Fairy tale

28. března 2006 v 21:08 | Silvinka |  Storyteller
I tell you a story. Story about a girl named Mia. Mia was a lovely and pretty girl and everybody loved her. Her favorite activity was sitting and watching butterflies in the garden. Garden was pretty large and everywhere were astonishing green trees whose leaves didn´t fall even in winter. Winter was cruel and cold but the trees were holding still. Still there was something coming and nobody knew what. What they did know was an old prophecy which says that when leaves fall, someone else falls.
And so time passed and our little girl grew up. She was so beautiful that every girlin the village was jealous of her.. Every single man wanted to be with her but she only loved her father. He was the kindest person and everyone liked him. After his wife´s death he decided to stay alone only with his daughter. He loved his wife even 18 years after her death and he knew he will love her till the day he dies. But their hapiness weren´t meant to last any longer.
Mia´s father became ill, he was getting thinner and he was pale as a ghost. Nobody had an idea what´s the matter with him or how could they help him. Everyone was desperate, especially Mia. Later, he woke up in the middle of a night and without any word left the village, he headed to the forest and nobody has seen him ever since. Mia was wrechted, she didn´t know what happened and what was she supposed to do then. However she didn´t lose the glow in her face that made her so beautiful which she got from her good fairy. Well, it´s only a rumor but people believed it... Day by day she was getting more and more desperate and then she decided. She left the house and promised herself to never return without her father.
At the moment she entered the ferocious forest the trees shook and all their leaves fell down. Now the house was empty and the garden looked like a graveyard. Whole village was shocked and frightened, they all knew the prophecy and were expeting something terrible to happen. It seemed lie the life here has stopped but so far there was no disaster coming and life slowly got to normal. Trees remained naked and their leaves were forever gone...
To be continued...

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 sweet sweet | 5. dubna 2006 v 16:15 | Reagovat

no helee, černowlasá Mia!!:)

2 silvinka silvinka | 6. dubna 2006 v 18:37 | Reagovat

Mno jo...:-)a modrovokej Daniel,sice nemá černý vlasy, ale dejme tomu,že si je teď obarvil,ale od přírody má černý...:-))lol...

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